Our fee policy needs to reflect all the costs associated in providing a high quality and relevant service in an efficient and sustainable manner.

My Medical Services is a mixed billing practice

Full payment of fee is required at the time of consultation. If you need to cancel your appointment we require 2 hours notice. Missed appointments will incur a $50 fee payment. Transfer of Medical Records incurs a fee of $45 which must be paid prior to the records being sent.

Please note it is currently a Government required that we must wear Face Masks within the surgery – they are available to purchase from the front desk for $1.00 if forgotten.

Private Fees as of 1st August 2022
As of Feb 2023 – All Saturday appointments are a flat rate of $100



Appointment Type Fee Medicare rebate Your contribution
Short (5 mins) (item 3) $60.00 $18.20 $41.80
Standard (up to 10 mins) (item 23) $85.00 $39.75 $45.25
Long appointment (up to 20 mins) (item 36) $142.00 $76.95 $65.05
Extra long appointment (up to 40 mins or multiple issues) (item 44) $284.00 $113.30 $170.70





Appointment Type Fee Medicare rebate Your contribution
Short (5 mins) (item 52) $60.00 $11.00 $49.00
Standard (up to 10 mins) (item 53) $80.00 $21.00 $59.00
Long appointment (up to 20 mins) (item 54) $115.00 $38.00 $77.00
Extra long appointment (up to 40 mins or multiple issues) (item 57) $150.00 $57.00 $93.00

Telephone Consultations

A Private Fee will apply for all Telehealth consultations. Amount of a standard consultation must be paid before appointment is booked – These appointments are only available to be booked through Hotdoc- NON Medicare Rebate

Telehealth consultation $59

Scripts only $39 (specific scripts cannot be prescribed over the phone)

Medical Certificate $39 – These cannot be backdated.

Minor surgical procedures

Fees for procedures vary according to the type and size of lesion.

Medical Assessments

My Medical Services offers a range of commercial medicals

Medical type Fee
Basic Medical $255.00 + GST
Basic Medical with Drug and Alcohol testing $326.00 + GST
Commercial Driver Medical $255.00 + GST
Public Passenger Vehicle Driver Medical $154.00 + GST
Renewed Drivers License $60.00 + GST

Some procedures that are not routinely required for every medical may need to be attended and will be billed in addition to the medical:

Other fees

Type Fee Rebate Your contribution
Insertion of an Implanon (item 14206) $100 $37.65 $62.35
Removal of Implanon (item 30062) $100 $54.60 $45.40
Removal and Insertion of Implanon (DISCOUNT COMBINED TREATMENT) $190.00 $37.65 +54.60 $97.75
Medical Records $45.00
ABI $0.00
Steroid Injection $90.00
Draining of Joint $100.00
Prolotherapy $150 (1st site)
$75.00 (2nd site)
Perinueral Injection $150 (1st site)
$75 (2nd site)
Laceration $180
Telehealth $59.00
Escript/script $39.00
Medical Certificate $39.00
Laser Treatment (Snoring) $350.00
(Vaginal Incontinence) $350.00
Removal of Cornea Foreign Body $130.00
Removal of Subcutaneous Foreign Body $100.00
Removal of Foreign Body in deep tissue,tendon,muscle $300.00
Skin Excision $50.00

Nurses fees

The following fees apply for nursing services:

Service type Fee
Dressings- depending on size FROM $10.00
Ear syringing $95.00
Spirometry $0.00
ECG $60.00
Removal of sutures $10.00