My Medical Services Australia mission is to provide a personalised and dedicated service to patients, regardless of where they live or work. Our belief is that all patients should have equal access to quality care.


Our experienced, multi-lingual practitioners have a strong focus on high-quality medical care and offer a range of medical services, including:

  • Telehealth consultation
  • Medical Certificate
  • Escript/ Online Script
  • Specialist referral
  • Radiology and Pathology


Book our Telehealth Services using


Are you in need of medical services, either a short or long consultation in the convenience of your home? Book with our doctors, who are able to speak to you on the phone within 2 hours of completing your booking — Either through Hotdoc, or ringing us directly on 02 49375177 throughout the whole of Australia. Not every consultation should be in the mortal brick wall, and we are here to assist you. We put patients first


Please note: MMSA doctors are incapable of backdating any medical certificates. We are able to issue you a medical certificate either for work, school, carer’s leave or university.


Difficult to get to your doctor to provide a specialist referral? Our doctors are willing to assist you toward any specialists in Australia, both fast and inexpensively. Just fill out our digital online form and we will be able to email or fax your referral to you without any delay. We put patients first


We can definitely help you with an online referral for both pathology and radiology, as we have access to a wide range of pathology tests, meaning you will be able to get your results back within five days. A Radiology and Pathology request form shall be sent to you in just few minutes once you have completed the digital online form.

Escript/ Online Script $39

Browse the catalogue to find your medication. Fill out a digital consultation form and, if approved by one of our Australian-registered doctors, we can email or text you an e-script. We put patients first