Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

What are skin peels?

Put simply, skin peels clear away old skin and stimulate the regeneration of new skin. The renewed skin is then clearer, smoother and more even. To do this, peels embrace the power of naturally derived acids or chemicals and different ingredients combat different concerns. Their potency can be dialed up or down to suit different skin types, so there really is a peel for everyone and every concern. They’re also one of the most affordable and effective ways to dramatically improve your skin.

How do they work?

Our skin naturally replaces itself every 28 days, but this process slows down as we age. The naturally derived acids in peels help to give this process a real boost. Some acids – known as AHAs – go to work from the outside-in, helping to exfoliate the dead skin cells that make our skin dull, instantly brightening, tightening and hydrating. Other acids – BHAs – penetrate deep into the skin and work from the inside-out, breaking down the oil and congestion that cause acne and blackheads.

What are the results?

Different peels treat different concerns – including acne, fine lines & wrinkles, texture, tone, sun damage, pigmentation and even scaring. There are peels that are fantastic for a instant lift and glow, and others that work over time to resolve deep-seated and ongoing concerns. Whatever the case, maintaining a programme of peels has many anti-ageing benefits for your skin. In essence, you’re kicking it into a process of cell renewal, which means smoother, brighter and rejuvenated skin.

Skin Peels