Musculoskeletal Injections

Musculoskeletal Injections

The Injections

The Prolotherapy solution I use is very simple:
* 9ml 25% glucose
* 1ml 1% lignocaine

This results in a solution of 22% glucose and 0.1% lignocaine
* 1% lignocaine is used for anaesthetising the skin if necessary.

A more powerful solution was developed by Ongley after researching 200 solutions on rabbit ligaments. It has a combination of glucose, glycerine and very weak phenol. The glucose and lignocaine solution has the advantage of incredible safety.


In a survey of 95 practitioners using prolotherapy on an estimated 495,000 patients since the 1950s (344,000 in the low back, 98,000 in other areas of the spine, and 27% had peripheral joint treatments) there were 66 minor complications including 14 allergic reactions and 29 pneumothoraces, 2 of which needed chest tubes. There were 14 major complications which needed hospitalisation – this included the 2 cases of pneumothorax with chest tube) or transient or permanent nerve damage. No deaths or major paralyses were reported. (Dorman 1993 J Orthopaedic Med;15:49-50)

For doctors with experience in musculoskeletal medicine and orthopaedics, please try it on a simple area eg chronic sprained lateral ankle ligaments. 0.5cc to the tender insertions of the ligaments on the fibula and calcaneus. In 1-3 treatments there should be a great improvement. I urge you to do a workshop as there is a wealth of technique that can be learned in the more complicated areas, especially how to inject safely without using imaging.


Zinc, manganese and vitamin C are necessary for generation of strong connective tissue. CSIRO showed 67% of Australian men and 85% of women eat less than the daily requirement for zinc. (Baghurst and Dreosti, Nutr Res 1991;11:23-32) Supplements are safe and cheap. The evidence base is explored in the workshops. One Sports Medicine doctor said, “The dietary stuff I found really good, and I’ve not had much exposure there before.”

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