Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease


The fact that most Australians enjoy one of the highest standards of health in the world means that the majority of people can expect to live to their maximum life expectancy.

The simple fact is that the probability increases that a chronic disease will develop with advancing age. While long life is generally considered a good thing, for some living longer means having to deal with the complexity that chronic illness brings. Chronic diseases can affect any and multiple systems of the body and include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mental illness, bone and joint disease, respiratory disease, kidney disease and dental illness.

Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases have impacts on all aspects of life not just for the patient but for their family and carers. Often multiple medical and allied health disciplines are needed to optimize that person’s care to enable them to cope with their illness.

The expectation is that the earlier that appropriate interventions can be arranged the better the long term outcomes. The GP is well placed to oversee this management and to determine in a collaborative and coordinated manner with other health care providers what specialist and allied support services are needed to optimize the care of the patient and their carer.

What is a GP Management Plan, GPMP?

GPMP’s are comprehensive documents that allow medical practitioners to provide an organised approach to the management of a patient’s health and care needs.

The care and treatment provided to the patient when implementing a GPMP would be provided through normal consultation items. A GPMP is not a substitute for normal medical care and or treatment.

Which patients are eligible for a GPMP?

GPMPs are for patients with a chronic or terminal medical condition who will benefit from a structured approach to the management of their care needs.

A GPMP is available to

  • Patient’s in the community
  • Private in patients, including private in patients who are residents of aged care facilities, who are being discharged from hospital

A GPMP is NOT available to

  • Public in-patients being discharged from hospital.
  • Care recipients in a residential aged care facility.

Each medical centre is fully accredited and complies with Australian standards and regulations.